Micro Lua DS” is a Lua programing language and interpretor for Nintendo DS.


New features
* Add screen.drawTexturedQuad() and screen.drawTexturedTriangle()
*__ to draw textured primitives.

* Change the logo of the binaries. It is now really cute
* Change the transparency system. There are now the functions screen.getLayer() to get the current layer and screen.getAlphaLevel() to get the current blending coefficient. For screen.setAlpha(), the layer argument is now always optionnal.
* Improve the System.listDirectory() function. It now sorts files and directories alphabetically, and give the size of the files.

Bug fixes
* Add some functions to ease handling canvas objects (Canvas.setObjOnTop() and Canvas.removeObj()).
* Fix getting a BSoD when pressing Start at startup.
* Fix some Image transformations not being permanent with Canvas.
* Transparency levels are now between 0 and 99 (as 100 resets the transparency system).
* Fix Canvas.getAttr() which now only requires two arguments.
* Fix Canvas.removeObj() to now delete the right object.

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13675 for the news.