load*,8,1 tried to write a MIDI File Parser for Nintendo DS.

Release notes:

For OpenTTD I’ve been trying to put together a midi player for the Nintendo DS. Unfortunately I’m completely lacking any sound programming experience. Hence my plan was to modify 0xtob’s PulseDS to play midi files.

I do have it running now, but the music it produces is very disappointing. And further improving it is too much work for me because I’d rather concentrate on the OpenTTD port some more.

I hope someone with PSG or sound experience will pick this up and improve the quality. Or to encourage someone to make a arm7 midi player on their own, because quite a few game ports could use one.

Current status:
– the sample binary plays a crippled version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony
– most midi events are parsed correctly and being sent to the arm7
– a few events (e.g. time signature) are not being interpreted
– the timing seems to be a little off. I’m not sure why though
– the arm7 side needs much work. Either the PSG sounds could be improved or a small soundfont could be used
– The arm9 code should be moved to arm7 to make it into a pure arm7 player