3D Engine – Nitro Engine is a 3D engine coded by Antonia Nino Diaz.


– Text system and camera system optimized. New functions for the camera system.
– NE_TextPrintBox and NE_TextPrintBoxFree slightly changed. They can limit the text drawn to a number of characters set by the coder.
– Some functions made internal. Don’t use them unless you know what you are doing.
– Fixed (?) at least the 2D projection.
– HBL effects fixed.
– Touch test functions.
– NE_UPDATE_INPUT removed.
– It now supports any BMP size, and BMP with 4 bits of depth.
– Arrays made pointers, so there is more memory free when you are not using Nitro Engine. You can also configure the number of objects of each systems you are going to use.
– NE_TextPalette replaced by NE_Palette.
– You can clone materials to use the same texture with different colors. This doesn’t have the problems of cloning models.
– Added functions to remove all palettes and textures.
– Fixed NE_End().
– NE can free all memory used by it, and the coder can tell NE how much memory to use.
– Texture drawing system improved a bit.
– NE_PolyFormat simplified.
– Some bugfixes, code reorganized, define lists converted into enums.
– Clear bitmap supported, this is used to display an bitmap as rear plane. Each pixel can have different depth. This needs 2 VRAM banks to work.
– Solved some problems with 2D system and culling.
– Nomad NDS_Texture_Converter is no longer included, if you want it, look for it in google.
– Added Nitro Texture Converter, made by me. Open source, and it exports various levels of alpha in the textures that can handle it. It does only accept PNG files.
– NE now accepts any texture size. NE_SIZE_XXX defines removed as they are not needed now.
– Added a couple of examples.