3D Engine – Nitro Engine is a 3D engine coded by Antonia Nino Diaz.


-The functions used to modify textures and palettes now return a pointer to the data so that you can modify them easily.
-Each material can have different propierties (amient, diffuse…). You can set the default ones, the propierties each new material will have, and then you can set each material’s propierties individually.
-New texture and palette allocation system, it is faster and better. Defragmenting functions don’t work now, but I’ll fix them for the next version.
-Added a debug system. You can compile Nitro Engine in “debug mode” and it will send error messages to the function you want. Once you have finished debugging or whatever, just recompile Nitro Engine without debug mode.
-Window system renamed to Sprite system. You can set a rotation and a scale for each one.
-The most important thing… The animation system has been improved, and now animated models are drawn using linear interpolation (you can disable it, anyway).
-As a result, I’ve modified the converters, so you’ll have to convert yout animated models again.