MrDo DS is a standalone Mr. Do! Arcade emulator for Nintendo DS by Copper. It also emulates related clones. The original Arcade ROMs are required, but not bundled with the download. As the game is still subject to copyright, there is also no way for us to provide the ROMs.

MrDo! DS

Supported are:

Mr. Do!
Mr. Do! (prototype)
Mr. Do! (Taito)
Mr. Do! (bugfixed)
Mr. Lo!
Mr. Du!
Yankee DO!
Mr. Do’s Castle (set 1)
Mr. Do’s Castle (set 2)
Mr. Do’s Castle (older)
Mr. Do vs. Unicorns
Do! Run Run (set 1)
Do! Run Run (set 2)
Do! Run Run (Do’s Castle hardware, set 1)
Do! Run Run (Do’s Castle hardware, set 2)
Super Pierrot (Japan)
Mr. Do’s Wild Ride
Jumping Jack
Kick Rider

This new release has been compiled using an updated toolchain such as DevkitARM R32 and updated libraries such as libNDS0 1.5.0+. This standalone emulator is now also compatible with CycloDS iEvolution B6 in DSi mode.

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