KazoWAR updated “NDS Music Player”. It’s based on fincs’ SSEQ Player and allows to play music tracks from commercial games with a GUI browser pointing at the desired ROM file.

Release notes:

OK I released version 1.0. It should be a lot less buggy, but still not perfect. I used Team Fails idea and made a .sps file that is a shortcut file that is generated on your computer using SPS Maker.

I pretty much removed .nds loading and my file browser. It is now locked to /data/NDS Music Player/ and shows the list of .sps files. The files uses the games title name, example “POKEMON B.sps”.

This version prints stuff to the screen at each little step, in case of a freeze try to tell me what you where doing and the last line on the screen.

Also there is a little bug I am trying to work out where my string for the nds path is corrupted. If you get something like this, pressing B and trying to open the sps file again seems to solve it.