It has been silent once again around bronto and his NDS email client “NDSMail”. Here are some work in progress news, which probably proofs that the project is not dead at all:


Soooo… what’s happening with NDSMail ?

I started working on Skinning-Support several months ago, but never got quite around to finish it (at least, it did not break anything).

Recently, I wanted to release a build with the latest version of the dswifi library, but that did not work out: the old GUI code (which was based on libfb, but with some nasty hacks added) did not work with the latest devkitpro. Debugging this would have been really painful (remember the nasty hacks?). So I decided to rewrite the GUI part. Luckily, I pretty much kept presentation and logic “almost” separate in the code, so this is not as bad as I imagined after looking at my GUI code hacks. Did I really write this crap myself?

I might blog about the technique I used to pass messages between those two layers if anyone is interested. But for now, I’m trying to build a new GUI for NDSMail, most probably by using the woopsi library, which has a really weird name, but is pretty well documented. Stay tuned…