For those who did not recognize yet submissions to the NEO Spring Coding Competition 2009 are not possible anymore.

The entries:

The NDS APP division, total 11 entries
[NDS APP] HWOS2 By: funkystuff
[NDS APP] DSision2 By: spinal
[NDS APP] Mario Paint Composer DS Paratroopa Release By: bassacegold
[NDS APP] SutraDS By: Cid2Mizard
[NDS APP] Ace Attorney DS By: B12Core
[NDS APP] myPiano By: BranMuffin
[NDS APP] DSwiki – Offline Wikipedia Reader By: ollipolli
[NDS APP] Ands-pdf v1.4 – A PDF Viewer for the DS! By: albinofrenchy
[NDS APP] Wee Basic By: marovada
[NDS APP] Health Monitoring Tool Kit By: arrpirate
[NDS APP] DSBash By: leinad

The NDS GAME division, total 18 entries
[NDS GAME] Vector Tower Defense By: alcohol smurf
[NDS GAME] Glubies Planet By: yagero
[NDS GAME] Brix DS v2.0 By: Boive
[NDS GAME] Bill & Ted – Time & Time Again. By: spinal
[NDS GAME] Shooting Range By: Romaap
[NDS GAME] Alice & Marisa 8bit Minigame By: funkystuff
[NDS GAME] Natura No Story By: morukutsu
[NDS GAME] UKKE DS By: unkwar
[NDS Game] Bouncy Marble By: leinad
[NDS GAME] Balloon Pop! By: Prince Gohan
[NDS GAME] 5 Dice By: Gaz
[NDS GAME] SnailRace By: samel
[NDS GAME] Valhalla DS By: TenSpeed
[NDS GAME] Anime Jo All-Star Kirifuda Taisen (Anime Girls All-Star Trump Battle) By: DesertDog
[NDS GAME] 22. Search Eye DS By: kukulcan
[NDS GAME] Jangki DS – bugfix By: beodeulpiri
[NDS GAME] DronS By: leinad,5570.0.html