A while ago the NEO Spring Coding Competion 2009 came to an end and now also the results are public.

Application Division:

No.1 [NDS APP] Ace Attorney DS
No.2[NDS APP] Ands-pdf v1.4 – A PDF Viewer for the DS!
No.3 [NDS APP] DSision2
No.4 [NDS APP] Mario Paint Composer DS Paratroopa
No.6 [NDS APP] DSwiki – Offline Wikipedia Reader
No.7 [NDS APP] DSBash
No.8 [NDS APP] Health Monitoring Tool Kit
No.9 [NDS APP] myPiano
No.10 [NDS APP] SutraDS

Game Division:

No.1 [NDS GAME] Glubies Planet
No.2 [NDS GAME] Valhalla DS
No.3 [NDS GAME] Brix DS v2.0
No.4 [NDS GAME] Natura No Story
No.5 [NDS GAME] SnailRace
No.6 [NDS GAME] Bill & Ted – Time & Time Again
No.7 [NDS GAME] Vector Tower Defense
No.8 [NDS GAME] 22. Search Eye DS
No.9 [NDS GAME] Anime Jo All-Star Kirifuda Taisen (Anime Girls All-Star Trump Battle)
No.10 [NDS GAME] Jangki DS – bugfix