NesDS is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Nintendo DS.


nesDS.ini commented.
nesDS.ini: ScreenSwap added. If your DS’ top-screen did not work well, set this value to 1.
mapper 19, 71, 118 updated.
NES cycles-per-scanline modified to 121, to make the graphic more smooth.
E.g. tmnt, Akumajou Densetsu…. Also makes Joe&Mac work fine.
A sound bug fixed, which may cause a panic….
Sub-screen will be closed if there is a NES_RESET.
Cheat list can be loaded/saved from/to a file. EXTENTION:.cht
FrameSkip for Pure-Soft rendering can be adjusted. If you have a DSi,
frameskip 1 would be OK; For DS/DSL, frameskip 2 is recommended.
frameskip 1 means that the graphic is updated at 30fps. 2 for 20fps. On the older nesDS, frameskip 2 equals to 30fps.
sprite0y changed, which makes the graphic better. e.g. Super Mario…
CRAM added..

Thanks to for the news.