abcd1234 updated his NetHack game for the Nintendo DS.


Added support for tapping menu section titles for selecting items in that section.
Changed menus in keyboard mode to show item accelerator characters.
After insisting I’d never do it, action menus (read, zap, eat, etc, etc) now display only relevant menu items (with an option to show all).
Made ‘cursor’ a compound option, which can take three values: 0 (always on), 1 (disabled over hero), and 2 (always off).
More refinements to touchscreen handling to ensure that stylus raises are promptly registered (fixes periodic hangs).
Fixed directional prompting when keyboard mode is enabled.
Fixed detection spells (such as “detect monsters”), etc, so they properly wait for user input.
Fixed key bound option toggling, after I completely broke it in the last release.
Fixed crasher triggered by popping up a menu immediately after resuming a saved game with the ‘name’ option set (yes, someone hit this :).

Thanks to for the news.