The goal of this project is to create a port of NetHack for the DS utilizing the unique features of the DS to create an easy-to-use NetHacking experience.


Added movement compass mode, ala iRogue, enabled with the new option ‘compassmode’, which can take the values 0 (disabled), 1 (relative mode), or 2 (absolute mode) (default off). See the packaged defaults.nh for an example.
Added support for sending ‘>’ (the floor) as well as ‘.’ (yourself) when being prompted for a direction (eg, digging, zapping, etc) by doing a regular tap for ‘.’, or a held tap (tapping and holding for about a half second) for ‘>’.
Added an input history to the keyboard (limited to the last ten items).
Added support to the keyboard for using the joypad to move the cursor.
Modified taps on locked doors so the initial tap attempts to open the door normally, and only the second tap begins kicking.
Optimized status updates, so enabling ‘time’ doesn’t slow the game down.
Fixed a bug that was most obvious with commands that prompted for directional input, where input keys would get ignored.
Fixed a menu bug triggered by a page down, resulting in the menu being dismissed erroneously.