Okiwi is a free web browser for the Nintendo DS. Alpha 1 has been released. Happy testing!

Some notes:

– The file can be unpacked directly to the root of the flashcard, that is, Okiwi directory must be just under the root.

– Inside this there’s the fonts directory, which contains three TrueType font files for the different character families, and also those fonts prerendered at different sizes (*.okf) and some other which contains tables needed to associate character bitmaps with their Unicode codes (*.okm). The extensions stand for Okiwi Font and Okiwi Map, respectively. If these fieles are deleted, the software will generate them again from the TrueType fonts, so each one can use the typography he/she likes more. The included fonts are Bitstream Vera.

– By now the only way to move along the document is to drag it with the stylus.

– The only working buttons by the moment are: the first, which will allow in a future to enter an URL, and the last, which allows to set the zoom level.

– By misfortune, the other displaying mode I wanted to include, with a general view in a screen and a zoomed one in the other, isn’t there yet.

– The icons have been designed by my brother. Actually, he has created some variants, but I’ve had to choose one of them. In future versions they will be able to be selected.

– As I said, DLDI is used. Released files are patched for SuperCard Lite. If you have another device, you’ll have to use the patcher with the corresponding patch for your flashcart.I think this is a prosiming result.

By the way, thanks to Nintendo Users for hosting the file. The link will be changed one of these days, since, due to tecnical issues, it’s not in its definitive hosting.