The port of Opten TTD to the Nintendo DS has been updated.


based on r11899
added a start icon and description
the random seed works
loading original TTD saves disabled (256×256 too big for DS)
press A anytime (even after crashes) to toggle the console
Fix: trains can load and unload now
Fix: road depot window (and similar) doesn’t crash any more
Fix: YAPF is completely disabled now. If the player enables it or it is enabled in a savegame, an error message is displayed and it is turned off
Fix: saving games with bigger maps is now possible. Due to this savegames have to be uncompressed. Still 256×128 maps is the biggest possible due to memory limitations.
Reduced viewport memory. crashes due to not enough memory available shouldn’t happen so often any more.
The game bow the start menu at the beginning
Added a 128×64 version of the title screen savegame
Added a key combination for the cheat menu
Some bugs not mentioned should be fixed due to general improvements

Thanks to for the news.