A new beta release of PALib is here, it’s a programming library useful for mostly game coders.


| PAlib 090801 : We’re almost there… |

[PAlib] Compiled with libnds 1.3.7.

[DMA_Copy] Now checks if the source is NULL and fills with zeros instead, fixes some no$gba warning-related problems.

[Many #defines] All defines that used the format #define PA_Function() { blah }
has been changed to #define PA_Function() do{ blah }while(0). This makes every #define “safe”.

[inline functions] Changed all extern inlines to static inline.

[3D Sprites] Rotation was fixed.

[no$gba] Reverted back to the latest free version (2.6) now that a FIFO-related problem that
was causing this version to not function properly was fixed in libnds.

[Debugging] Added some debugging functions including iDeaS debugging console output and emulator detecting.

[Text system] Updated the default font with the full character set: http://forum.palib.info/index.php?topic=6413.0

[C Standard Library] Now disabling UTF-8 support in the C standard library on startup.
It was causing problems with the string functions and extended ASCII characters.

[Environment variables] The PAPATH variable is no longer needed.

[PAGfx and graphics including system] #include “gfx/all_gfx.c” is gone, and
new versions of PAGfx and PAGfx Frontend were rolled out.

[Examples] The examples have been updated with the new PAGfx and including system.

[Errors] The PAlib error screens have been improved.

[Speed test] The speed test routines were removed due to uselessness.

[Text functions] Added const-correctness to them.

PAGfx changes (v0.9 by fincs)


[Build system] Now maintaining two versions: the .NET version for Windows and the Mono version for Linux/Mac OS X/others.


[Export] Exporting support for .c files has been removed as the #include “gfx/all_gfx.c” method has been deprecated.

[Transparent colors] Now supporting Hex colors as transparent colors.

[Command line] When specifying another PAGfx.ini it outputs to the folder where the file is in.

[all_gfx.h] The output file is now more clear and uses #pragma once instead of an #include guard.

[Palettes] Now PAGfx doesn’t truncate the palette when it has less than 256 colors.

[Invalid C identifiers] PAGfx now replaces all invalid characters in the C identifiers with an underscore (“_”).

PAGfx Frontend

[Color/Background Modes] Now supporting the whole color and background modes.

[Textures] Texture loading from PAGfx.ini was fixed, it now works.

[Transparent color] Now supports specifying a custom transparent color.

[Color mode warnings] Replaced the annoying color mode warning msgboxes by a status “bar”.

[Toolbar] The “Update Row” button has been removed as it only crashed PAGfx.

[INI exporting] Graphic files that are on the same folder as PAGfx.exe or in a subfolder are exported without the full path.

[Mono-version] The PAGfx Frontend was ported to Mono, albeit with some GUI glitches.

[Mono-version] Colormode warnings have been disabled under Mono due to lack of support.