A new beta release of PALib is here, it’s a programming library useful for mostly game coders.


[PAlib] Now PAlib is compatible with devkitARM r25 and libnds 1.3.2 thanks to n00bey and fincs!! Enjoy!

[Sound] MikMod and hitchkrt’s mod player have been removed in favor of the new MaxMod library that comes with devkitPro (/examples/Sound/MaxMod/)

[Wifi] LibLobby support has been temporarily removed.

[ARM7 cores] The set of ARM7 cores has been modified: ARM7_MP3, ARM7_MP3_DSWIFI and ARM7_MAXMOD_DSWIFI.

[FAT loading] NightFox’s FAT loading functions have been removed because they were buggy. Use the latest version of the functions instead.

[Video] This whole section has been removed (legacy stuff that is useless)

[Splash screens] The splash screen functions have been removed because they were useless. Code your own instead.

[Workspace] VisualHAM has been removed in favor of Programmers’ Notepad that comes with devkitPro.

[Tools] viDeoconverterS has been removed.