A new beta release of PALib is here, it’s a programming library useful for mostly game coders.


PAlib] Compiled with devkitARM r26 and libnds 1.3.5
[3D Sprites] The infamous viewport bug has been fixed.
[no$gba] no$gba has been updated to 2.6a as this is the only version that emulates correctly the inner workings of libnds (FIFO).
[iDeaS] iDeaS has been updated to
[Directory structure] The whole directory structure that the library part of PAlib uses has
been changed so that it follows the standards.
[PA_Makefile] A new user-friendly pre-compilation warning & error system has been added that checks for common mistakes.
[Template] The template has been made more newbie-friendly.
[HelloWorld] This example has been rewritten with the same newbie-friendly code that the template uses.
[EFSlib] This library has been made compatible with devkitARM r26.
[PA_IO.c] This file was removed due to uselessness.
[PA_Locate()] This function was removed. There are better solutions.
[Wifi] An example on how to download files with ky_GetURL() has been added (WifidswifiDownloadFile).
All credit goes to Kumyco who let me use his code.
[PA_GetHTTP()] As this function was broken, it was removed from PAlib. Use ky_GetURL() instead
(look at the WifidswifiDownloadFile example)
[Keyboard] The keyboard now supports the whole US-ASCII character set. The four characters “{“, “}”, “|” and “~”
were added, the first three replacing “[“, “]”, “” in capslock mode. The visual representant for the apostroph looks
no longer like an acute accent.
[Keyboard] Added key repeat functionality for uppercase letters and symbols.