Mollusk has released a new beta version of his coding library / development enviroment PAlib. He reorganized some more code, reduced the rom size (and ram usage), along with other changes.

Detailed changes:

New Stuff
[16bit] Double Buffering added
[Image] ImageSplitter added, an app to split up big images with frames into several smaller sprites. See example to use the app. It’s basic and doesn’t manage any ‘error’

Updated Oldies
[Text] Now supports %x for Hex output
[16cText] Added PA_16cTextLineSpacing(u8 spacing) and PA_16cTextLetterSpacing(u8 spacing)
[iDeaS] Updated to
[Size] Optimised a bit more how PAlib code is organized, saves a few kB everywhere for some projects
[Reco] Added PA_RecoInfo.Difference and PA_RecoInfo.Shape for the shape found and the amount of difference (test to find the values you like to that shape
[Wifi] Updated to latest version

Things Fixed
[RTC] Reverted back to older code, now works
[Linux] PAlib compilation fixed
[3DSprites] Fixed bug of 3D not showing after using scrollable backgrounds. Big thanks to Sumiguchi
[Timers] Chris Liu fixed the Timers !
[Sprites] Fixed PA_GetSpriteAnim (thanks to Doud !)