A new beta release of PALib is here, it’s a programming library useful for mostly game coders.


Warning: BETA, may contain serious bugs due to massive changes

[Makefiles] I Added two makefiles in the PAlib source so now ‘make’ works again.
(Only concerns linux user, windows user can just continue to use the .bat file)

[PA_Locate] I put back that function into PA_Stuff.c

[PA_16cPutPixel] It now ‘sets’ the pixel instread of just making a logical-or (|)
(May be slightly slower, please report back about it, so we can decide about changing it back)

[UserInfo] Fixed Personal Message and Name

[Keyboard] PA_InitCustomKeyboard fixed (It still used the old PAlib-Keyboard structure name)

[PAlib] Removed the Blank array and replaced every DMA_Copy it was used by with DMA_Fill
(What a memory waste, 260000 Bytes just for zeros…)
!!! Because the Blank array was used all over the PAlib sources, it may be that the alternative
!!! solution doesnt work as expected
!!! Mainly affected by this are background Clean & Init functions

[Examples] /Bitmap8-16bit/Fake16bit: replaced ” with ‘/’ in the #include to gain compatiblity with linux …

[Examples] /Sprites/Effects/ DrawOnDblsize & DrawOnSprite: replaced Blank with NULL