Sylus101’s Pixelman is a sprite designing, testing and animation tool directly to be used on your Nintendo DS. This tool makes it easy to develop on the go!

The release has been made public at the PALib forums, which need registration to grab a file, if you don’t want to, you may consider getting the file free of charge and registration from //files/1882/


*Moved tools around on main bottom screen and shortened the screen switch bar. This is still highly subject to change…
*Completely re-wrote the file browser portion. You can now look through the entire flash card. You can even create new folders when saving sprites and palettes.
*New tools, line, gridshift, and 90 degree grid rotation.
*Arena mode for testing sprites animations and movement.
*Added a “done” button to screen after sprite and palette are loaded. Pressing start still continues as well.

Thanks to for the changelog!