Pixelman is an sprite editor which will work directly on your Nintendo DS!


Welcome to the v0.93.2a release of Pixelman. No longer the first to introduce the Sprite Testing Arena I’ve been working on for the last few months, but that new feature still bears mentioning.
I’m really really hoping to have as many people as possible to check this new feature out. All instructions are in the Readme included.

*Added limited drawing with DPad option…

*Added Hflip and Vflip Tools.

*Note on Gridshift – Shifting past one edge of the grid will wrap around. This was fixed in this release from v93.0c

*Note on Rotation – Rectangular sprites really won’t rotate correctly at 90 degrees so instead, they’ll rotate a full 180. This was fixed in this release from v.93.0c

*Note on Zoom – Currently all other tools are disabled while zoomed. Use D-Pad to move around the viewing box. Stylus still draws but as I’m typing this I realize you’ll not be able to switch colors. That will be remedied shortly. New in this release.

You will require to sign up to get the file from it’s original source, if you do not want to do that you may consider downloading from //files/1882/