Jayenkai has updated his retrogame collection for Nintendo DS. It now features 18 games!

They are:

Centipede : Shoot the centipede. Don’t let it escape.
Snake : Guide the Snake. Grab the numbered blocks.
Invaders : Shoot the aliens. Don’t let them get to the bottom.
Light Cycles : Try to get your opponents to crash.
Asteroids : Destroy the asteroids before they destroy you.
Pacman : Run around and collect things.
Frogger : Leap your way across 2 busy roads.
Pong : Beat your opponent, “one” ball at a time.
Tetris : Build low!
Buzzard Bait : You might like to call this game Joust. I owned a TRS-80, so I call it Buzzard Bait 😉
QBert : Hop around and change all the bricks.
Spike Dodge : Dodge the spikes, pick up the balls.
Extract : Keep Blue away from Red, and grab the Greens.
Missile Command : Tap to fire. Stop the missiles.
DotPop : Tap the squares. The quicker you tap ’em, the more you score.
Lights Out : Tap to invert a + of lights. Try to turn them all off.
5 In a Line : Shuffle the rows and columns around to make a whole line of a single color.
Tune Tap : Repeat the tune.