jgc146 updated his game Poppin’ where the aim is to pop as many balloons as possible with your stylus!

Release notes:

ok here it is the latest version of Poppin’

I have used most of Chris’ excellent art work with some tiny modifications ( which I hope are not too noticable or off! ).

I think I have nailed that bug from previous versions, but let me know if anyone finds it again or any other bug. If you do find something please log the level number if you can and also the colour you where on ( if you remember ) and enything else you remember.

still got some more to do like:

The “faces” still haven’t figured out how I’m gonna make that work correctly.

some better sounds ( was thinking of a heart beat instead of the that ticking sound let me know your views on that please )

also some title music ( could be time to brush of the guitar and mic for recording ( but id rather have some boppy keyboard music …… anybody know how to play a keyboard …… you could get your name on the credits!! ……. lol what credits)

also an options screen!! …. with credits!!!!!

and some very special updates I thought of earlier today …….. top secret at the moment!!! ……. lol

…………. and maybe after all that some maltiplayer!!

have fun and tell me what level you got to I got to 7 and the wife got to 8