POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning.


“You are too big to swap” has two os in the first too. (David Damerell)
Many encyclopedia typo fixes. (David Damerell)
Wands that fizzle now conjugate “fizzle” according to the wand rather than the zapper.
When you learn the charges in a wand, there is no longer an incorrect article prefixing the wand name.
[DS] Now using devkitPro r21 rather than the hybridized version. Thanks to Richard Quirk for finding the work around and sending me code.
[DS] Thanks to Richard Quirk’s patch, POWDER should consume less power when waiting for a key press.
[DS], [SDL] Paged text will now show the background all the way to the edges of the window rather than being cut off at the GBA’s resolution.
When items teleported, their location in the map array wasn’t being updated, allowing them to be potentially accessed after being deleted.
Cancelling autopickup after already picking one item up when there is a thing to eat no longer causes you to eat said thing. And, incidentally, potentially killing you if said thing was a slug corpse. (Brendan)
“The fighter foobar’s death” will now auto-capitalize Foobar.
[DS] Save locations are now specified with absolute paths so it doesn’t matter where the actual POWDER executable is. (Johnboy554)
[DS] The output of POWDER on the DS is saved to /data/powder. This is also used for reading – graphics tiles must now be in /data/powder/gfx. This should keep your flash card clean and (apparently) this matches the standard homebrew definition. If you want to keep your old highscores, move the POWDER.SAV into the aforementioned directory. (Phillip Conrad)
Backspace key on the virtual keyboard is a double key to accomadate the fact it is too compact. (David Hong)
Wearing multiple pieces of artifact armour with attack boni will increase your chance of doing an armour attack. This means it is beneficial to add more attack armour rather than it only being wise to only equip the most powerful.
bmp2c and bmp.cpp both now properly handle non-Intel endianness. (Ben Hjelt)
Icons are now present on SDL builds and in the windows .exe. I also think that, thanks to Richard Quirk’s help, they’ll be present in the DS in Moonshell, but I haven’t been able to verify.
A wand once again crumbles into dust rather than crumble.
An interesting graphical upgrade. Monsters and items are now on a separate layer from the terrain. This means they can be drawn transparently on top rather than always being black bordered. This is made optional as the default tiles are not optimized for this look – you can turn it on with the Opacity option of the Options menu.
One more room.

Thanks to cid2mizard / http://www.dev-fr.org for the news.