POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning.


Before I go any farther, I have corrected the spelling of recieve in Klaskov’s description. (Rapacity)
“Adventuring can make onE hungry…” (TemporalParadox)
Items will fall down holes and be teleported by teleport traps. (Patch by Richard Quirk)
Transparent spelled properly in Options menu (Michael Brough)
Identify spell takes effect after inventory is cleared so you won’t end up with the new name of the item clipped.
Leaving the inventory by pressing the Inventory Icon will no longer consume a turn.
The classic font has two pixel corrections (Markus Maier)
You now have a choice of five different fonts, four of which have been crafted by Markus Maier. Default is one of his – a shadowed variant of the default font.
You are now prompted to enter the dimensional portal when you step on it, avoiding issues where people didn’t know they needed to climb into it.
Loading a game that was saved with a from-disk tileset when you no longer have a valid from-disk tileset will no longer crash. (Markus Maier)
If you are petrified while possessing a creature, you automatically release possession (with system shock) rather than ending the game. (wings)
Uninitialized memory caused all creatures to be very noisy after a load, allowing you to sense them with H. (Deozaan)
In memory of Nick Sabo’s lost character, there is now an Option to Collapse the dungeon. This destroys all non-quest items on the floor of levels other than your own. Debug Info has been augmented to report your total item usage. This can be used to avoid memory problems on the GBA pending an auto-collapse mode. (Nick Sabo)
50% bonus to food value when eating corpses when you have the Butchery skill (Derek Ray)
“The spear falls into the water” now has a period at the end.
When you pray your current god is reported. (Brendan)
When you load a game or gain a level as a Cultist you will receive the behaviour hint. (Beefhaze)
Description of Soul Suck spell now uses amnesic rather than amnesiac as it is an adjective, not a noun.
A new pointed medium weapon: Rapiers. (Terje Bo)
You can now choose your gender at character creation. (Bridget Farace, Irashtar)
Amnesia inflicted from soul suckers will end a few turns after the soul sucker is killed.
New skill: Disarm.
A bad pointer cast has been removed, hopefully will compile on 64 bit platforms now. (elcugo)
The free spell slots and skill slots of creatures is no longer there hit and magic dice. Instead it is a much lower number. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of polymorphing into an Iron Golem as you won’t have enough skill/spell slots to effectively use the new form.
You can no longer use teleport control to teleport into Belweir’s Library. (Derek Ray)
Created a Wish action which is useful for debugging.
Hitting up at the top of the inventory will bring you to the bottom of the previous column, and vice versa. This lets you iterate over your inventory by only hitting a single button. (Tim Allen)
[Windows]: Updated my SDL that I distribute to SDL 1.2.13 which hopefully fixes problem people have on Vista. (Zeb)