POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. Author of this piece of software is Jeff Lait, the PS3 port comes from Bill Blake.


Two new exciting changes in this release. First we have a new spell: Animate Forest, for those who were wondering what the point of the Grow Forest spell was. Second we have the run mode which lets you auto-follow corridors, hopefully cutting your keystrokes substantially.

– Daemon now has the a in the summon daemon spell description. (FEG)
– If a daemon decides not to be summoned, an a is put in the daemon’s name.
– PSP character dumps should now say PSP Version rather than Linux version. (Dave Hong)
– If you were in the habit of quitting without saving, the random number seed would keep being the same between games, resulting in very similar games. For those keeping track, yes, this was caused by my naive attempts to make things *more* random. (Erik Spigel)
– If you manually climb a ladder while autoprompt is enabled you no longer are immediately prompted to climb back up the ladder when you get to the other side.
– New Run command, ‘r’ for SDL users, which will cause you to run in that direction until something interesting happens. You will turn corners if there is only one way to do so. You can interrupt by hitting a key / pressing a button, useful if you find yourself running a closed loop. As the name implies, this is not meant to be some super safe way to explore the map. (PBP)
– Vi keys now support the Ctrl modifier to turn them into safe walk (David Damerell, Cuboidz)
– New spell: Animate Forest (Adam Boyd)
– When level teleporting via Wishing, do not start on same square as a monster.
– Diminishing returns on piety gains when gods already like you.
– List of items in character dump should now match order of list in inventory. (Meddyan, Cuboidz)
– Soul Suck spell no longer grants caster spells or skills that are present only due to items such as staves. (Eilu)
– Creatures that die underground should no longer have their corpse and items float to the surface. (Meddyan)
– Properly assign guilt to party responsibly for filling holes with boulders. (Meddyan)
– Properly credit kills for creatures that die from suffocation from a boulder you place. (Meddyan)
– The support programs now include cstring.h so should compile with the latest gcc. (Joe B)
– Fixed the #define guard in stdafx.h (Malte Helmert)