POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike like.


Floating eyes will now track your position on a succesful attack, making them much more dangerous as other enemies will be able to find you.
When you save/reload your quiver order will stay the same.
Reclaim Soul no longer costs piety with Tlosh. Honest.
Character dump no longer lists skills as their corresponding spell name.
Two new skills: Charge and Leap Attack. These are in H’ruth’s book which is now large enough that the traditional melee skills have been removed from it.
Last move direction no longer lost when you look at your inventory.
Creatures created with artifact wands of create monster will be imbued with the relevant intrinsics.
Removed buffer from stack in chainlightning to hopefully reduce stack pressure on GBA. (hotpoo)
New spell: Fetch. Broke Blink out of Teleport and reduced mana cost of all the teleport spells.
New spells: Summon Familiar and Transfer Knowledge. These are to address the proper Pax playstyle in the early game. Along with this is a new spellbook to house these spells: The Familiar Tome.