POWDER is a roguelike game. It is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. It uses actual graphic tiles (16×16) rather than the traditional characters.

Release notes:

POWDER now supports the stylus. Playing some Zelda Phantom Hourglass proved to me that there is hope for a stylus only roguelike. I’ve taken advantage of the slightly larger screen on the DS to insert a row of action buttons at the bottom. I have also updated all the input methods to make sure they support the stylus. I’ve done quite a bit of playtesting on the DS with the stylus only, so I hope I have shaved off most of the rough corners and there is a clean game experience. Still to do is some documentation on the stylus controls, customizeable action buttons, etc.


* Further use of just-in-time buffers to keep the stack small when hit with a fireball. Hopefully this avoids the GBA blowing up when killed by a summoned imp’s fireball splash damage.
* [DS] The play screen is now on the bottom. This means the text history scrolls into the top screen that makes a bit more sense.
* [DS] The splashscreen is now centered on the DS display.
* Messages are properly reported again when dipping items into certain potions.
* You again receive a message saying what is revealed as a result of polymorphing an item.
* Attempting to eat a book no longer grants you the spells – you must succesfully eat the book.
* [DS] No longer weird a characters in history. (Richard Quirk, Peter Biocini)
* [DS] Removed debug messages from startup. (Richard Quirk)
* [DS] I had ctrl_isanyrawpressed backwards on the DS which meant that all the prompts would require your button to be DOWN before continuing rather than UP, thus creating accidental clicks later rather than preventing them.
* No longer spam about submerged objects getting wet when you load a game.
* “Al the large bat munch on a bat corpse.” will now properly conjugate the munch.
* [DS] You can now remap the [X] and [Y] keys from the default Verb List and Inventory commands. These commands are likewise now available for general mapping to any key. (Mark Ehlke, Peter Biocini)
* “atom’s of the victim’s” now properly “atoms of the victim’s” (David Damerell)
* Generally, dimension, pleasant, and reminiscent spelled properly in the encylopedia entries (Richard Quirk)
* Dumped the encyclopedia through a spell checker to reduce the low-hanging fruit for bug reporters.
* [DS], [SDL] On screen keyboard to enter name using stylus/mouse rather than having to use my insane input mechanism.
* [DS] [X] and [Y] work as [R] and [L] for doing text input to make it easier to chord on the DS.
* When a ring falls off your finger, there is a period to mark the end of the sentence. It also properly reports cases where it isn’t a finger that it falls off. (David Damerell)
* A successful leap attack could leave a “ghost” of yourself in the old tile which you would attack if you tried to move into.