PrankDS has 3 pranks that you can pull on other people.

Release notes:

I would like to release a small homebrew app, that I made. Its called: PrankDS. It has 3 pranks that you can pull on other people.
Version 1.0 has:

2 Working pranks:

A sound player that you can add your own .raw files to. To learn how to do this, read on.
The scary maze game that has the image that jumps out at the end. (You may also change both the music and screaming sound on this too)

1 Half Working prank:

An unsolvable maze. Graphics load, but collision map only sort-of works.

It was created in about 3-4 days and shows helped me learn how to do the following better:

Collision Maps
Splash Screens

Here is how to set it up:

Download the game along with the appropriate dldi patch. (As I said, it uses FAT)

Put the folder titled “pdsfiles” (no quotes) into the root of your homebrew device.

Patch the game with the dldi and then put it on you device.

Have fun

Just on the side note: It will work in version 0.7.2 of DeSmuMe AS LONG AS the ds game and the folder “pdsfiles” are in the same place. No dldi patch required.

Finally here are the credits:

Game Made by: GEMISIS
Unsolvable Maze background graphic thanks to:
Scary Maze Game Idea thanks to: Creators of the Scary Maze Game
Splash Screen Music thanks to: DC Comics (you will see why)
Maze Game (both of them) Music thanks to: Kikaimaster
Finally, special thanks to: The palib creators, for palib.

Download Link: