Aerthel updated his Nintendo DS homebrew game “Project Sheratan”.

This Project aims to create a Card Battle engine for RPG games on Nintendo DS, mimicking the Baten Kaitos series’s card system.


– Card are 3D Sprites now, allowing them to ‘flip’
– The contextual help bar can be maximized/minimized by just selecting it with the stylus
– Deck now shuffles cards at start and every time you discard a card (so this time you get different almost always)
– At Hand Initialization, the cards flip in order, like they did in the game.
– When a card is discarded, the new card added to the hand from the right side is animated.
– New card added to show Numberless cards. This type of card won’t be able to participate in a combo with the default set of card rules.

Also, I upgraded the project to use the recently new version of PAlib (v080823), I highly recommend it, it’s very easy and has a lot of nice features. I think I’ll test the new efs functions next =).