Protein[DS] is a little audio manipulation software running on Nintendo DS, which ables you to manipulate audio, anywhere you go – it is in some ways similar to ElectroPlankton concept.

Using Protein[DS], you can play with up to four modules at the same time to create a live music set and control external applications, using the touchscreen, audio in/out levels, midi-out, and even motion-control. You can even play with live-recorded audio sample.


* [09/01/22] It’s been a while! Here comes the first 2009′ Protein[DS] version, on the occasion of my B-Day – again!!! I spent most of my Protein-time to master NDS-filesystem and audio weirdness and create a simple GUI system. As a consequence, this version is a lot more stable. Then, what’s new:
+ [DScratch] graphical parameter panel – no more infernal xml editing/testing!
+ global options graphical parameter panel
+ state-save added
+ recording-save added
+ little [DSamples] update
+ better stability

Thanks to for the news.