PuzzleManiak is a partial port of the Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection on Nintendo DS.

14 games are ported on NDS now: Tents, Dominosa, Mines, Bridges, Light Up (aka Akari), Pattern (aka Picross), Net (aka Netwalk), Untangle (aka Planarity), Sudoku (aka Solo), Galaxies, Slitherlink (aka Loopy), Blackbox,Mastermind (aka Guess) and Map.

Release notes:

As you’re better everyday when playing the daily challenge, scores are now displayed in milliseconds and not in seconds anymore on daily challenge ranking page.

To continue playing this daily challenge, and/or to continue to use wifi features, you must download this new version.

Internally, I improved the daily challenge process. This is transparent for you, but this will mean more features soon…