Release notes:

This is a ragdoll-animation tech-demo. Supports nds-motion pak to sense gravity.

Ragdoll-demo is a technical demo i made to test, you guessed it, ragdoll effect. I’ve been willing to play with ragdolls for a while. And as i bought a motion pak, i just felt this was a good way to test it. Here is a quick overview of the way the program works : click and drag to move the particles ; hold up and click to add particles ; hold down and click two particles to create a stick ; press B to reset/clean the playing field ; press A to start animation ; Press L to use nds-motion input instead of +Y axis gravity. The program runs smoothly in no$gba (except for motion), and has been thoroughly tested on an MK5 flash cart. I am using a nds motion pak (slot2), but it should work fine on a motion card, as i’m using code from devkitpro.