Red Temple, previously known as Krexblibos, has been updated.

Collect cherries to progress on levels, melons give more points. Shown below is a screenshot of the last and hardest level.

Release notes:

Hi, got another update to the game, not sure if ill do another. Ive kinda been on the one thing a while and would like to try sommet different/new. So anyway I decided to upload the source code to.

I renamed the game to Red Temple, mainly because the other name sounded weird.



D-PAD: movement
START: pause menu | continue
SELECT: suicide, lose a life and restart level
A: action | continue
B: use special | back
X: drop current special
L-Shoulder: prev special
R-Shoulder: next special
touchpen: only on titlescreen, for press start button

The game will now keep a savefile. The savefile is auto updated after completing a level. You can load the savefile
using continue on the start menu. Only 1 savefile is maintained.

I started writing a simple particle engine for some special effects, not done much yet but you can move
the pen on the lower screen during the titlescreen to move the water drops.

* You can now grab trashcans and pull them. Grab one by facing it and press A. I added this because trashcans would constantly
get stuck against walls. So now you can pull it away!

* Boss 1 added to the game. Be careful of his bullets, turrets and suction move.

Screen Scrolling
Levels can now be bigger than the screen. Allowing for more possible designs of levels. Old level size is 16×12 tiles, new design is
50×20. It could be bigger, but i dont want it to be so big it makes levels too hard. This should be enough.

Level Storage
I redesigned how levels were stored to try and reduce the memory needed for them.

I added some sound effects, currently using maxmod, all sound effects are me being an idiot in a mic 🙂 No Music tho :/

Demos are now in the options and are not played during the game. So if you dont know how to play
you can watch the demos to learn some of the game ideas. Demos are currently disabled, if you dont know how to play
you could play version 2 of the game, which has demos in it.

Item mixing
Having collected certain items in your backpack will cause them to mix
* Potion + Map = Spell Powder. Spell Powder is used by clicking on a totem. It will teleport you to the levels starting point.
* stick + rope = Fishing Rod. Fishing rod can be used in ice water to catch a fish.
* Gun powder + Metal = Dynamite. Dynamite Can be used for destroying enemy spawn points.

Both the player and enemy can stand on switches allowing you to take over a turret. Turrets fires at intervals bullets
killing the opposite side. By pressing the turret switches multiple times will upgrade the firing speed of the turret.
Turret levels are 0, 1, 2, 3.

Description Box
On the lower screen is a box will descriptive text may be displayed.
Example: “Your invincibility wore off” or “You have been hit. 5 Damage.”

* After taking damage the player will lose its vision, it will be restored over time
* Medals are awarded per level instead of the entire game score, different levels have different requirements
* Keycards and metal Doors.
* Cracking Ice. Stepping on cracking ice will cause it to crack, not allowing movement over it. Basically you get one pass over
* Short invincibility after taking damage
* Spikes on floor will cause damage to you
* If your carrying a totem you can press A in the middle of a blood circle killing all enemies.
* Carrying a poison sample will allow you to pour it on keycard doors, opening them.
* New healing item added, recovers some of your lost health
* New Heart Item, granting a life to the player
* Enemy Spawn Points – Continue to spawn enemies until destroyed with dynamite
* Destroying Enemy Spawn Points will destroy all enemies created by it
* Added a new invisibility item, making you invisible for a short period
* Eye Doors will show up when you get close to them, blocking your path
* When invisible the screen is shown as black and white
* When invisible enemies cannot track your movement and you are able to avoid eye doors closing on you
* Enemies will no longer stand on each other
* You can now push trashcans where doors used to be

* Inventory is now only 9 slots in size
* lives are shown as hearts and not a numerical value
* health is shown as both a numerical value and health bar
* level is also shown on the lower screen
* Remaining cherries are shown

New Specials
* Fireball – collecting the fireball you allow you to shoot deadly attacks killing the enemy.
* Rubber Gloves – having rubber gloves will allow you to collect poison samples from poison tubs. Poison can burn certain locks.
* Fur Coat – stops you losing health on snow.
* Shield – temporarly make the player invincible.
* Invisibility – temporarly make the player invisible.
* Light – While holding this special your vision wont decrease.

Specials Changes
* Trainers will now in addition to allowing free movement on convayer belts allow passage through enemies (does not avoid damage).

Interacting (Pressing A)
Pressing A on certain items when facing them may cause a description or some text
to show on the lower screen within the text box.

Clicking on a totem without the required spell powder will cause a description telling you
what you need to collect.

When in doubt of what an item is, try pressing A, it may help you.

Thanks to for the news.