Red Temple, previously known as Krexblibos, has been updated. Collect cherries to progress on levels, melons give more points.

Release notes:

I decided to put a demo up if anyone wants to try it, its still buggy in areas and not much content, but I got some of the basics down. Ty for the help in the beginner forum.

last edit: 30/11/2009 – version 1.3


Older versions:

Ive only tested it on M3 Simply hardware and emulators iDeaS & the free version of No$gba.

Idea of the game is to collect cherries, to progress on levels, melons give more points. and as I make more levels the idea will be to solve puzzles, to get to them.

Start: pause
Select: loose a life and restart the level (if you make a mistake)
d-pad: to move
a: to interact
b: special (not implemented yet)
x,y: just for debugging atm
L, R shoulder buttons skip levels

All the graphics suck I know but I made them myself. And I know there is no sound, i havnt even tried that yet.

Sorry if this is wrong place to post this, just wanted to show you what ive done since you kept helping me!

Thanks to for the news.