Remote Touch DS gives you the opportunity to remote-control your computers mouse, keyboard and other things from your Nintendo DS hand-held console. This solution is not like remote desktop, but more like an advanced remote control.

The solution is client-server based, obviously, and requires you to have a server running.

Release notes:

0.3 (major)
* Y button in “cursor”-mode for ALT.
* A button in “cursor”-mode for TAB.
* X and B in “cursor”-mode for scroll.
* Adding left/right shoulder buttons to also mimic mouse clicks.
* Accelerated cursor movements; much like a real touchpad.
* Fixing problems when reconnecting to the server. You are now able to reconnect to the server without having to restart the server!
* Implementing a battery-saver feature – when the DS lid is closed.
* Upgraded to dswifi to 0.3.10. The wifi connection is much more stable now.
* Corrected X and Y on keyboard and fixed some of the currently missing keys. I have a problem locating all the keys.
* Added onscreen cursor to the client making it easier to see last cursor position.
* Removed manual input of server IP and port. You now need to put a “rtds_config.txt” in the root of your cartridge with this data.
* Server partially rewritten – fixed problem with reconnect.
* Client GUI features/eyecandy implemented. Also better netcode.