nipil is still heavily working on an improved version of his “Scrabble Assistan”. Here is what he said in the boards today:

As you can see, the following points are have already been addressed:
– visual: grey square is visual click feedback
– visual: green shows active function/option
– visual: validation/ok button
– visual: bigger, finger-friendly touch-zone (i don’t advocate it)
– data: Up/Dw are paging buttons, used for score & search
– visual: Hide letters/numbers when not appropriate
– visual: back to “landscape” mode, which is left handed friendly
– data: search with sort options (alpha, score, length)

New/Undo/End are respectively used to start a new game, undo the last
scoring validation (for error-correction) and “End” enables to enter
negative scores when the game is finished (to account for the letters
players didn’t manage to place).

I hope i can release the next version by monday evening.

PS: Colors are not firmly decided yet, but are valid hints.

PPS: I can’t seriously put borders around letters, it’s too ugly.
Anyway, noone should have any trouble clicking the letters now,
even using my own fingers, i can touch and control everything 😉