ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!

Release notes from agentq:


I’ve completed work on my build which supports external RAM packs. Using one of these devices, you can play Full Throttle and The Dig on your DS.

Full Throttle runs perfectly, with very little slowdown. The Dig has some slowdown. It’s also probably not completable – see the ‘issues’ list below.

The following types of slot-2 RAM device are supported:
– Supercard
– M3
– Opera Browser Expansion Pack (untested)
– G6 (untested)
– EZ Flash

If you have a slot-1 card (one that fits in your DS slot, like an R4DS or an M3DS Real), you can load the data files from that, and use the RAM in slot-2 (GBA slot). Also, if you have a slot-2 card with an SD slot, you can load the files from the slot and use the RAM both in slot-2. To do this, just patch the ScummVM binary with the DLDI as normal, and then when the game starts, on the RAM device menu, choose the same device.

When you first start this build of ScummVM DS, you will need to select the type of RAM pack you have. This setting will be saved, and you won’t be asked again unless you start ScummVM DS without the RAM pack, or with a different type of RAM pack inserted.

There are also some new features to go with this:
– High quality stereo sound support: so you can listen to the fantastic soundtracks to both of these games! (the high quality audio checkbox in the options is greyed out, as the new mode is used all the time)
– Brightness adjustment: This lets you brighten the game (using a gamma correction technique) to more easily see the dark graphics in The Dig on the original DS screen. Press select and click on the ‘Graphics’ tab, then adjust the brightness bar at the bottom with your stylus.

– Unfortunately, one particular room in The Dig causes a crash, because not enough assets in this section will run from slot-2 RAM. This is the tall room with the power source at the bottom. It’s probably impossible to complete the game because of this. Also, I’m not sure the technique I’m using in slot-2 RAM will allow me to overcome the problems with this section, so this section may never work properly.
– The Supercard I have fails to start up sometimes. I’m not sure whether this is a general issue with Supercards, or just the one I have.
– Some DLDI drivers don’t work when a device is used both as RAM and for disk access at the same time. I had problems with my M3 lite, and narrowed it down to the use of DMA. If the driver uses DMA, it won’t work with this build. I’ve prepared a new version of the m3sd_alt driver I was using which doesn’t use DMA. You need to use this DLDI to avoid random crashes if you’re using an M3 Lite. You can download it here: (Source:

Download the new build here:

Also, here’s a source archive for this build, because I’m unable to check this into source control right now (due to several nasty hacks to the codebase):

I hope you enjoy running these games on your DS. In my opinion, these were the best games Lucasarts ever made. 🙂

I’d be interested in hearing your feedback. Especially if you’re running the game on one of the cards listed as untested above.

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