The goal is to remove all the tiles on the screen by connecting two tiles that have the same color and the same symbol. The link between the two tiles can have at most two corners.


– I have received many comments about how difficult is the game. Now, there is more time to complete the first levels to be easier for beginners, but the time speeds up at each level.
– When you quickly remove several pairs of tiles, you gain more points thanks to a combo system: when the combo progress bar fills up, instead of gaining only one point when removing a pair of tiles, you can gain 2 points, 3 points, 4 points or 5 points. The progress bar fills up when the time between two removals is less than 3 seconds. Else, the progress bar gradually empty.
– You can pause the game by closing the DS.
– A the end of each level, the remaining time and remaining number of helps are added to the score.
– The 100 best scores are now saved (you need to DLDI patch the game).
– You can send your scores on to compare your skill with other players worldwide (beware of my sister Eglantine )
– You don’t loose anymore when there is no more possible moves. Now, the remaining tiles are randomly moved so that you can finish the game.
– More user friendly as you can use the stylus in the various menu screens, highscore screens, etc.
– More sound fx.
– Some graphical enhancements (special fx, removal of magenta pixels at the edge of sprites, etc.)