Here comes an update of Stravingo’s “Setsuzoku no Puzzle”.

The goal is to remove all the tiles on the screen by connecting two tiles that have the same color and the same symbol. The link between the two tiles can have at most two corners.


– There is now three difficulty modes, instead of the single “Normal” mode. In “Easy” mode, there is few different tiles at first, but a new tile is added every 5 levels. The “Difficult” mode is for those who want a challenging game. In the three modes, the time speeds up at each level.
– In “Easy” and “Normal” modes, the tiles are now placed in 20 different patterns.
– There is now three highscores tables saved on the DS and saved on the net on to handle the best scores of the three difficulty modes.
– When you do a highscore, you have now the choice to send it right now on or to send it later if you are not close to a wifi access point. In order to send unsent scores, go to the highscores screen in the game and press X. Instructions are provided on this screen, where unsent scores are preceded by a red “L”.
The current level is now automatically saved, so you can continue to play a previous game when you choose “Play”.
– Some minor graphical and animation changes.