Shooting Watch DS is a remake of “Shooting Watch”.

Instructions: Navigate the menus using the buttons on the touch screen or the corresponding button on the DS.


* Added score and progress saving via DLDI
* You can now win coins for playing Shooting mode or one of the Slot modes
* Menu system added
* Hi Score system implemented
* WiFi transfer to send your scores and recieve a worldwide ranking
* The top 10 ranked players from the website are downloaded to the DS after a WiFi transfer
* Removed being able to use stylus and A button at the same time in Shooting Mode which allowed cheating. You must now use the control method you start with*.
* Added a shop with the ability to buy skins and icons
* Website created to store scores, coins, exploded melons and icon selection for the top 100 players
* Audio Test menu added
* New rewards for playing games
* Can now see all the combinations to win on the slot mode