Shooting Watch DS has been updated!


Added Lode Runner skin
Built with latest tool chain.
SoundFx and music now use AS_Lib as with latest PA Lib beta.
Save file can now be in any directory. As default the game searches for the location of a previous save then location of the nds file. If neither are found (if you rename the nds file), the save file will be created in the root directory but can be moved afterwards.
WiFi transfer now retrieves rank correctly (Up to 100, was only retrieving rank 10 maximum before).
When you win on the slots, you can now hold A or B button to make the coins count up twice as fast. (Fixed 4 slot mode, only worked in 3 Slot before).
Can hold B button to make text scroll faster in the shop.
After playing Shoot mode, the rank shown is now how you ranked for your last go rather than your best rank overall.

Thanks to cid2mizard / for the news.