Space Impakto DS by relminator is an old school space shooter for Nintendo DS.


Migrated code to latest DKP toolchain
CPU controlled demo(wait 20 seconds in the main menu to activate)
AutoBombs “pick your poison” version.
* When you use autobomb, you won’t have bomb powerups at the end of the stage.
* AutoBomb State is saved for future gameplay.
Saves are now incompatible with older versions.
Player name is saved for future gameplay as Cyan suggested.
Button Configuration is saved future gameplay.
Loop and Stage is displayed on the lower right corner.
Cheat c0d3z!!! Score is limited to 50k. Ask Wasim how.
Score bonus system changed
Demo and Replay games skip the intermission as suggested.
Included some bragging rights in the splash screen for kicks.
Bug Fixes

Thanks to and for the news.