Spinal brings us another movie player to the Nintendo DS.

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I have been working on a small movie player based on work by Eponasoft and nicoco73. I originally intended to make Eponasofts converter a bit quicker, but ended up changing the movie format and adding a couple of extras.

Format-wise it is similar to Eponasoft’s media format, using jpg images for the frames and uncompressed audio. It uses ffmpeg to convert the movies, so almost any format can be converted (I have already tested mpg,vob,flv(youtube) anbd a few others. You can skip back and forward using the << and >> buttons and you can seek by tapping the progress bar. Pleas not though, you may need to hold the stylus down for a short period, as a lot of the processing power is taken up by the decoding.

Anyway, I’m having a little trouble getting the timing right (you might hear a slight clicking in the audio), so if anyone wants to help, please do.