Spirits is a remake of an old spanish videogame from Topo Soft.

Author release notes:

New beta out
Now you can finish the game
“story line” it’s now complete. The last 3 objetives are very very basic AI (keep this in mind, when i say very, i say it seriously) just to test the game. Next version comes with definitive AI for them. First get the cristall ball to can see where are hiden the 5 objetives, the speelbook, the magic wand, the enchanted princess, the walking armor and evil boss, the eagle. First you need to get the speellbook and the magic wand. This enables you to dispell the princess and armor. After this you can kill the eagle and finish the game.

Good luck

Download beta 4 at: http://www.mediafire.com/?14yj2jldu3n