NightFox released an update to “Spirits DS”, an old game inspirited by Topo Soft.

Release notes:

Hi, finaly and afer work a lot to get a nice function to load bg’s from FAT, i just make a version of Spirits compatible with slot1 linkers. Now it works with any linker compatible with DLDI. I used also Tom’s compilation of PA_LIB to use Noda’s ASLib for sound, soo now soundtrack is in mp3 quality. (WIP: Still working on voices). Savegame now is writen to a file on spirits folder, soo i don’t use anymore SRAM of DS. To play, just put “spirits” folder on the root of your linker and patch the right rom with DLDI. That’s all.

Thanks to sludge99 for his help making my LoadFatBg() function. I will send a hug also to ANT512 and sumiguchi for his help and comments when i was creating this function, without this, i’ll cant make Spirits works on slots1 devices.

Hope you enjoy it

Best regards


Download Beta 7: