Sprite Combat is a “Rock Paper Scissors”-like game where the user chooses an option between a Sword, Energy Ball and Shield.


v2.1 -> Music!! Yes, now we have sound effects!
Featuring a snick of the story mode!
The ROM name is now without the version number (saving)
Even better fading (now even the text and sprites fade in!)
“Press B to go back.” added in many places to help users
Refined the code a bit
Fixed some places where the text was placed irregularly

v2.0 -> Hoof! Major Updates here:
Added a Help doc
Added a nice Credits doc
Fixed bug where the scores don’t reset to 0
Records that keep track of your no. of wins and losses
SAVING!! Yes, there is saving now!
Minor Bug fixes to the text
Score required to win reduced from 20 to 10
New Game Icon!
Removed the white background on request
Changed the font for better readability
“Opponent’s Score:” – “Opponent:” and “Your Score” – “You:”

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=11116&f=19 for the news.