StellaDS is an Atari VCS 2600 Emulator for DS and DSi. It’s a port of Stella by French developer alekmaul. This emulator supports ROMs in A26 or BIN format.

StellaDS V1.0


V1.1 : 22/05/2011
* Adding launch arguments so that other menus can be used for loading roms (Thx
BassAceGold for the tip ;-))
* Fix power on/off graphics pb when return to menu (Thx Another World for the tip)
* Add more easy understanding message when no game in current diretory (Thx
Another World for the tip)
* Change sound when we quit emulator
* Add X/Y/R/L/SELECT button for each trigger
* Add Left Difficulty trigger
* Preliminary paddle support with button A and pad left/right (use Reset in “breakout”
to play, not fire button like in Atari Classic Nds game)
* Fix some few other bugs
* A bit faster (1~2 fps )