morganDS has released his version of a Sudoku game for Nintendo DS.

Release notes:

-Two generation options: random or seeded
-Quick puzzle generation (about a tenth of a second)
-Corrector (can be turned on or off)
-Timer (can be turned on or off)
-Scoring system (can be turned on or off)
-Shows possibilities for current cell based on numbers you have already input in the puzzle (can be turned on or off)
-Select the number of givens
-Can use freebies if needed
-Choose from several backgrounds
-Choose from different music
-Nice touch-screen support

Known issues:
-On occasion, the program will freeze while trying to generate a puzzle. This happens, however, very rarely. Seeded puzzle #10 cause the program to freeze.
-The sound file for “Crossbones” is a little fuzzy due to several files conversions and compression. I’m planning on rerecording this file to improve sound quality.

Let me know what you think or if there are any bugs or improvements I could make.