Wizlon has updated his NDS application Tabbed to v0.12 – earlier this day there was a release of v0.10.

This app is a guitar chord finder for NDS.

Release notes for v0.12:

Another version? Yep. This one includes some changes to the chord browser, it’s now more stable, Also the tab viewer is a bit more functional (although more buggy) and displays a tab over both screens with the ability to set the tab scrolling so you can play along easier (Press A to start). More updates soon.


v0.12 – Bug with chord browser fixed, now the whole thing doesn’t crash when going back to the folder view
Tab viewer improved ever so slightly, now you can view the tab on both the screens
Tab viewer also has a very basic tab scroller so the whole tab scrolls down slowly allowing you to play along with the song hands free (Press A to start it)